​Kids Classes

​Little Dragons 3-5
​kids class 6-12

Little Dragons

Afternoon Classes
Tuesday - 5PM - 5:40PM
Thursday- 5PM - 5:40PM

Tai Chi Classes

Martial Art for Health
Tuesday  - 6PM - 7:00PM
Saturday  - 11AM - 12:15PM

Kids Classes

Beginner  Classes
Monday - 6PM  - 6:50PM
Wednesday-  6PM  - 6:50PM
​Friday- 6PM  - 6:50PM

Intermediate Classes
​Tuesday - 5PM - 5:50PM
Thursday- 5PM - 5:50PM

Personal Training
Private lessons are available to all students who may be behind or need one on one mentoring. The student will be assigned an instructor for a specific day and time when appointment is made. 

Adult Classes

Morning Classes
Monday - 11am - 12noon
Wednesday- 11am - 12noon
Thursday - 11am - 12noon
​Friday- 11am - 12noon

Morning Classes
Mon, Wed, Thru &  Fri 11AM - 12noon

Over 50 years of true self  defense

After SchoolProgram

Homework & Computer Classes for Students.

​​​​​Moore's Martial Arts,Manteca

Adult Classes

Group Classes​​ 
13 and Up

Tai Chi 

Group Classes

Martial Arts for Health & Fitness