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Moore's Shou Shu in Manteca, CA, Martial Art in Manteca

Shou Shu 

Shou Shou is an application art.  We use the fighting styles of seven different animals to develop fighting skills.  It’s called an application art because we have eliminated all the wasted motion and teach the self-defense application part of the technique.  The term Shou Shu means “Fighting ways of the beast” or “Beast Art”.  

The benefits that are attained by training in Shou Shu are; increased self-confidence, improved physical fitness, increased concentration, discipline, flexibility, Positive reactions in self-defense situation, etc.

Over 50 years of true self  defense

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You have Martial Art training goals. We have the resources and people to make them a reality. Train your nervous system to react and move as you wish, martial arts is capable of changing you physically and mentally.